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It is strongly recommended to use our service with a Premium VPN service, this will help you to stream the IPTV without any blockage or restrictions due to copyright law and in another hand, you will be in the safe side.

Recommended VPN providers

1- NordVPN

Download Here Nord VPN

2- Ipvanish

Download Here IP Vanish

3- Pure VPN

Download Here Pure VPN

4- Express VPN 

Download Here Express VPN

1- The ISP might block our DNS “Domain Name Service” in your country.

How to know if the ISP blocked our service in your country? 

1.1- Try to use a different Internet Source like your mobile phone 4g hotspot or another wireless connection, If this helped you to get stream the service there is something wrong with your primary ISP, therefore we always recommend to use the service with a premium VPN service.

1.2- If still with another Internet source you are not able to stream the service, Please contact our support they will redirect you to our network team so they will send you some articles to check and confirm the blockage of the service. 


2- Your line might be hacked and leaked on the internet due to easy username and password. 

2.1- If you are using your line with a very simple and easy username and password it is strongly recommended to change the both username and password in something hard with combination of “Alphabets small and capital, Digits & Symbols” once you did this please try again and see if you can stream the service, If not please contact our support. 

Note: There are other reasons if the IPTV stopped working, 

3- Using your IPTV with VPN if VPN is not allowed on your line, This can block your line and you need to contact our support. 

4- Using at the same time one connection line on multiple devices can block your access and in this case you can contact our support, they will tell you that you can’t use the one line connection with 2 devices at the same time, so you can upgrade your line or order another line for your second device. We have 1 line with 2 connections packages